Italy – San Giovanni Rotondo

Message from the PVT Group: The family continues to grow!

Once again, the PVT Group is proud to announce an expansion of the family!

Sifu Biagio was inspired by Ving Tsun when he joined a seminar in 1998. Then he began the study in WSL Ving Tsun since 2000. With over 20 teaching experience, in 2017 Sifu Biagio decided to partner with PVT and become our third overseas representative.

He has experience in coaching “Self-Defense” course with San Giovanni Rotondo city police and various course with local authorities.

PVT Italy - San Giovanni Rotondo PVT San Giovanni Rotondo
Address:  Palestra Scuola Melchionda, via John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 13, 71013 San Giovanni Rotondo FG
SiFu: Biagio Viscio

Facebook: PVT Group 純。詠春 – San Giovanni Rotondo