Spain – Almeria

Message from the PVT Group:

PVT is proud to announce its first overseas affiliate. We are now launching a new project – PVT Overseas Representatives (POR).

The first overseas school within the PVT Group will be Wong Shun Leung Almeria from Spain. The school is led by Juan Manuel Sanz.

After few years communicating, it quickly became clear that Jerry and Juan share the same thinking and ideas about Ving Tsun.

Previously Jerry has not given any overseas seminars as he feels his thoughts on Ving Tsun is a little bit different from mainstream schools, but with Juan’s matching thinking, ideas and goals the Hong Kong school and the Almeria school are perfectly set up for a closer collaboration. In 2017 Jerry will hold a seminar at Juan’s school and the schools will continue to work together closely.

Juan will be the sole representative of PVT in Spain and help spread the PVT system.

PVT will continue to spread in other countries when we find suitable partners. Follow us for more news in the future.

PVT Almeria PVT Almeria (WSLVT)
Address: C/ Luis de Baeza, 23, 04009, Almeria, Spain
SiFu: Juan Manuel Sanz


Facebook: PVT Group 純。詠春 – Almeria